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    Aquariva 100

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    The Sea Chase, 1955. 

    ’ Warner’s put the company up at the Kona Inn, on the big Island of Hawaii. Duke found himself hounded for autographs and pictures. Always conscious about his image and the need to be polite to fans, he graciously responded to every request. On the first night he stood for twenty-five pictures and signed seventy autographs. Unwilling to leave abruptly after a photograph or autograph, he made sure to linger for a few moments of small talk.’ John Wayne, American, by Randy Roberts and James S.Olsen

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    “Let me introduce to you ‘Wings’, my 1958 Harley-Davidson Duo Glide. While others might baby their car, this is my baby. So, scratch, dent, or otherwise harm her and you will be in for death or extreme mutilation. Thank you, that is all.” Castiel smiles, with a dangerous curl to his lips, and pats the bike gently.

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  8. Eyes

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    With Lana Turner, publicity still for The Sea Chase, 1955. 

  10. Laura Marling

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    If I were a motorcycle, I believe I would look like this.

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    The Duke on horseback

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